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Item Number: 2131

Antalya Khilim - Flatweave Dursun Bey - Buggy Istanbul notus Turkey Rug Bird.com™

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Dursun Bey - Buggy

Category: Khilim - Flatweave

Origin: Antalya

Width: 3ft. 7in. | 110cm.

Length: 4ft. 11in. | 150cm.

Knots/cm²: 64 | KPSI: 413

Weight: 5 (kg)

Available quantity: 0

Geometric bug patterns and smooth soil colors with excellent root dying. The style is traditinal Dursun bey plain design with village knotting.

Price: US$120.00

Background Color: Light Brown

Border Color: Red with white side lines

Layout: All over

Pattern: Panelled

Pile: Wool

Weave: Flat Weave - Kelim

Foundation: Not applicable.

Manufacture Category: Village

Age: Contemporary

Condition: Fine

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