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Item Number: 2277

Hamadan Village Rug Colorful Hamadan 4'x5' T02 Santa Clara California United States Rug Bird.com™

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Colorful Hamadan 4'x5' T02

Category: Village Rug

Origin: Hamadan

Width: 3ft. 7in. | 110cm.

Length: 5ft. 2in. | 158cm.

Knots/cm²: 11 | KPSI: 71

Weight: 11 (kg)

Available quantity: 1

Colorful Hamadan with three medallions.

Price: US$245.00

This rug was made in one of many small villages in the province of Hamadan in northwestern Iran. Hamadan village rugs are traditionally made of high quality wool on a cotton foundation. The pile is usually medium to long, which makes the rugs feel heavy. Each village in the Hamadan area has its own traditional colors and designs.

This rug features three geometric salmon medallions enclosed within bigger, cream medallions. The field is red and is covered with multi-colored floral sprays.

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