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Item Number: 2312

Hussainabad Village Rug Colorful Hosseinabad 3'x4' T11 Santa Clara California United States Rug Bird.com™

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Colorful Hosseinabad 3'x4' T11

Category: Village Rug

Origin: Hussainabad

Width: 2ft. 7in. | 79cm.

Length: 4ft. 1in. | 124cm.

Knots/cm²: 16 | KPSI: 103

Weight: 1 (kg)

Available quantity: 1

Colorful Hosseinabad from the region of Hamadan.

Price: US$135.00

Hosseinabad is a village in the area around Hamadan, an ancient city that lies in the rugged mountainous region of northwestern Iran, next to the province of Kurdistan.

Hamadan village rugs are made of high quality wool on a cotton foundation. Each village in the area has its traditional colors and specific designs. Reds, blues, and whites are usually the dominant colors in Hamadan rugs, with green, gold and yellow as secondary colors. Designs are bold and geometric, and can include hexagonal and diamond-shaped designs, sharply angled medallions, and zigzag “lightning” patterns. Geometric adaptations of classical floral, boteh, and herati designs are also commonly used.

This rug shows a geometric rendition of the classical Persian herati design. The Herati design consists of single floral head within a diamond framework flanked by four outwardly curving leaves. The rug also has a very nice sheen to it, which will cause the rug to seem to change colors when viewed from different angles.

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