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Item Number: 2321

Sabzevar Masterworkshop Rug Impressive Sabzevar 10' x 13' Santa Clara California United States Rug Bird.com™

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Impressive Sabzevar 10' x 13'

Category: Masterworkshop Rug

Origin: Sabzevar

Width: 9ft. 6in. | 290cm.

Length: 12ft. 8in. | 386cm.

Knots/cm²: 11 | KPSI: 71

Weight: 36 (kg)

Available quantity: 1

Beautiful, large, Persian carpet fron Northeastern Iran.

Price: US$895.00

This beautiful carpet has a blue and cream medallion, a red field with multi-colored floral designs, light blue corners and a dark blue border.


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About Sabzevar rugs:

Sabzevar is a town in the area surrounding Mashad, the capital and largest city of Khorassan, a vast province in Northeastern Iran.

 Mashad serves as the market for the rugs made by all the different ethnic groups that inhabit this sometimes remote and sparsely populated region. Mashad and the rest of its surrounding villages tend to weave carpets of a common design: dark blue medallion, dark-blue border, dark blue corner and a red ground filled with large floral designs. The carpets made in Sabzevar, however, have several features that set them apart. For example, the medallions on Sabzevar carpets have unique pendants, and the field is usually less busy. In addition, Sabzevar carpets use more light blue and cream in their color schemes, so that that the dark blue does not dominate as much.


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