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Item Number: 2413

Kazakh Workshop Kargai Kazak Tucson Arizona United States Rug Bird.com™

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Kargai Kazak

Category: Workshop

Origin: Kazakh

Width: 8ft. 12in. | 274cm.

Length: 11ft. 6in. | 350cm.

Knots/cm²: 20 | KPSI: 129

Weight: 40 (kg)

Available quantity: 1

Not Available

Price: US$800.00

The rug is in superb condition. Un repaired and in original condition. Artistic and beautiful design of this kargai rug makes it look so attractive. This rug has been hand knotted by professional immigrant weavers in Peshawar region. The rugs are weaved with high quality ghazni wool. The soft and silky piles along with vegetable dyes make these rugs beautiful. The vegetable dyes enhance the colors of these rugs giving them a unique kind of look. Kargai belongs to Kazak family but the pile of the rug is softer and shiny. The Kargai rug is more influenced by the Persian weavers as central medallion which are commonly seen in the Persian carpets can also be witnessed among kargai rugs.

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